Tap Zuid

Tap Zuid Amstermdam

The story of Tap Zuid basically reads like the success story of craft beer in Amsterdam. Its owners already ran the café next door, Goos. They would order any local beer their customers asked for and, as a result, soon ran out of space where they could store all these Amsterdam brews. When the restaurant next to Goos closed down, they took advantage of its huge cellar and turned it into an eatery where they could pour loads of beer.

They aimed for a cutting-edge menu that would combine the best of local and international beers. But they soon dropped many of their highly esteemed international options as demand for local stuff heavily outweighed them.

It is a cosy place in the laid back Rivierenbuurt. It opens early in the afternoon, closes late at night and offers great food options. You would almost forget that they do specialize in beer too. No less than 25 taps with, as stated, mostly local brews. They retain close ties with brewers so ask them about their stories, they know all about it.