The Beer Tree

beer tree amsterdam

Relatively new in town, the Beer Tree is already making a mark on Amsterdam’s beer culture. Australian founder and owner Fraser Robertson clearly understand the importance of the local in craft beer’s increasing global appeal. With about 250 beers from all over the world the Tree offers more than a decent range but is unable to rival Amsterdam’s more established beer stores such as Sterk (800) or de Bierkoning (1400). The approach is, therefore, what could be called conceptual, rather than quantitive. The Beer Tree has an open yet homely feel and seems to have turned into the perfect meeting ground for those Oud West residents eager to learn (more) about beer. Robertson has embraced this responsibilty with great vigour, adding to the craft beer scene whatever he finds lacking in Amsterdam. One of the first things he fixed: cold beer for take-away, be it a bottle or draft. Draft? Yes. The Beer Tree was the first place where you could fill a growler, a large glass jar or bottle enabling you to carry fresh draft beer home or elsewhere. Robertson aims to further develop this growler culture he almost single-handedly helped to emerge. But his ambitions aren’t singular. There will be a second loot to the Beer Tree in the Pijp soon and he plans to open a more centrally located brewpub too. And, oh yes, the Beer Tree, also organizes tastings and pairings.