Walhalla Craft Beer


Walhalla is a relatively new brewery, but the man behind it has been around since Amsterdams craft beer scene started to blossom. Aart van Bergen was among the first homebrewers going professional and one of the few to run an actual brewery, though very small, in Amsterdam. He put all that experience to great use, developing a range of new beers.

Osiris a beautifully rich farmhouse ale instantly scooped a silver medal at the Dutch Beer Challenge whereas Heimdall was picked as the country’s best bock beer. Next to Osiris, the IPA (Loki), Double IPA (Shakti) and UK Barley Wine (Wuldor) are available all year round too. In spring, Walhalla brews Minerva, a spelt wheat beer for the sunny days while the rest of the year is also used for experiments and collabs.

In its design, Walhalla gives original shape to the figures they name their beers after. Their names are taken from all kinds of mythologies, from the Nordic god of chaos Loki to Dakuwaqa, the shark god from the Fiji Islands. The labels depicting them, blend the aesthetics of games, graffiti and fantasy books.
With all its experience and ideas, Walhalla is clearly here to stay and create its own legends.