Pontus Brewing

Pontus craft beer Amsterdam

Just like the guys behind Oedipus, the duo starting Pontus Brewing (formally known as Brouwerij Pampus but changed after a dispute with a Belgian brewer who’s name shall NOT be mentioned) got infected with beer virus while working in Amsterdam’s beer bars. Timothy Wareman worked at Dutch beer cafe Arendsnest, Nando Servais at the US oriented BeerTemple. Both perfect positions to watch the Dutch beer culture evolve as rapidly as it does. They started brewing in order to contribute to that ever expanding scene. To add to the knowledgde they gained behind their respective bars they travelled Europe together and sampled beer from Scotland to Italy. It’s a drive for diversity and complexity that makes Pampus tick. Instead of taking the easy route of perfecting a couple of popular styles, they pour out experimental batches. To make it even harder, these should preferably be low in alcohol but rank high when it comes to the complexity of their taste. Pontus is a brewery in for a challenge.

After Timothy opted to focus more on the combination of beer and food at Cause Beer Loves Food, Nando continued the project, supplying Amsterdam cafes with his constantly changing range of beers. Not without success, as a panel of beer experts declared his Allmouth (Imperial Smoked Porter) the best beer of Amsterdam in 2018.

Building on their continuing influence in the Dutch language, the Pontus brewers often label their beers with archaic, maritime references. Place a few of their bottles next to each other and you evoke an intriguing world of bearded captains, shipwreck and innocent girls (as yet) undefiled.