Bruut craft beer Amsterdam

Most Amsterdam brewers simply outgrew their kitchen at some point and their consequent experiences as professional brewers are, charmingly, guided by trial and error. The guys behind Bruut, took their time for a better informed route and enrolled in a Belgian brewing course. Of course their creations got laughed at by their Belgian fellow students: ‘way to hoppy’. The Bruut brewers proceeded nonetheless and found a much more appreciative audience back home.

Not long after finishing their course, the jury of regional Dutch contest considered their ‘too hoppy” ale Stennis to be the best of the province of Noord-Holland. Not long afterwards, in 2016, their beautiful, heavyhitting amber ale Gajes was chosen as the best beer of the Netherlands. The succes didn’t change the contract brewers much. They keep carefully crafting new beers now and then, their range now slowly expanded to five different beers, that all share a dry softness that still reveals a distant Belgian influence in the Amsterdam flavour.