Amsterdam Brewboys

Amsterdam BrewboysYou know a scene is booming when clever entrepeneurs start riding its wave of success. The Amsterdam Brewboys are the case in point here. One of the “boys” is Pieter Langendijk, owner of the cafe that goes by his surname. Visitors of Brouwerij ‘t IJ might know that name, for it is right next to Amsterdams oldest microbrewery. When ‘t IJ closes, at 8pm, the craftbeer lovers flood towards Langendijk and Pieter saw a golden opportunity right there. Why not sell them his own brews, instead of the IJ-beers?

We hear Pieter himself doesn’t even drink but he was lucky enough to have a friend who had some brewing experience. Three months after first discussing the idea in Pieter’s bar, they had their first 1000 litre batch brewed. While they contract brew now, they aim to own their own brewing facility within the next two years. For, ironically, the Amsterdam Brewboys don’t brew in Amsterdam.

In their branding, they stress their desire to work with “creatives” (Craft Beer + Young Creatives = Amsterdam Brewboys!”). This mostly results in a lot of graffitti-style  artwork and small events with a pop-up feel. For those who fear all their promotional efforts might have compromised the quality of their beer, pull a bottle from a spraypainted box and taste for yourself. It’s not that bad. They currently got two beers out there. The imaginatively titled Amsterdam Pale Ale and a Hot Riot Amber Ale. There will be an IPA soon and there are plans for a wheat beer. If their energy remains this high, it seems a matter before the initials AB will be branded over a large part of as yet craft beer free territory. They are already dotting Amsterdam’s map. Check it for availability.