Walhalla Daemon tasting at the Bierkoning

January 11, 2018

We can’t wait for Walhalla to open its recently crowdfunded brewery plus taproom in Amsterdam Noord later this year. Untill their tap room opens, you will have to drink their beers elsewhere. Tomorrow, January 12, the Bierkoning presents you with a great opportunity to do just that. Walhalla comes over for a tasting where it will unlease some of its Daemons, members of their limited edition series. In keeping with the season, these are some dark, heavy-hitting beers. All three of them hit the 9% abv mark or even above. Walhalla brewed its third Daemon, the Niddhoggr with “loads of English brown malt and floral American Willamette hops”. So far, people seem to like the way in which this Imperial Brown Ale is put together. Although: “I wouldn’t characterize it as balanced”, one beer rater had it “but sometimes you want an aggressive beer and this is that.” Niddhoggr is the name of a dragon that had Vikings shit their pants. Go figure. Daemon #4, the Baba Yaga, is an Imperial Russian Stout hailed for its overload of cacao and coffee and its distinctive roasy and bitterness. Fittingly named after a wicked witch from Slavic folk tales. Baba Yaga is known for “gathering mushrooms in the woods, cosy evenings by the fireplace with her cat and dining on the warm corpses of naughty children.” A taste bomb to give you the shivers, in whatever way. Colour (pitch black) and abv (9.7%) might have you think Daemon #5, the Wendigo, is a Russian Imperial Stout too. But this heavy-weight is dryhopped with “with grotesque amounts of Equinox” and thus classifies as a Black Double IPA. Whereas the associations with “cannibalism, murder and insatiable greed” the Wendigo spirit evokes might not sound too appealing, the way this beer combines dark malts with fruitiness won some hearts and minds already. With just three beers like this, you don’t need much more. Don’t be scared, go warm yourself for the weekend at that beautiful store behind the palace at Dam square.


Walhalla Craft Beer Amsterdam

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