Poesiat & Kater

April 14, 2018
Poesiat Kater brewpub

Poes and kater are Dutch words for pussy cat and male cat. But kater also means hangover. This is why we love the name of the new brewpub Poesiat & Kater, especially because they are located in a former animal shelter (to be precise: an old ammonia factory, turned animal shelter, turned squat De Valreep, turned evicted squat, turned brewery). Ahhh the serendipity of it all. Even though we miss De Valreep we love the new destination.

Now pay close attention: Poesiat & Kater brews the Poesiat & Kater beers, but they also brew Van Vollenhoven beers. The history of the Van Vollenhoven beer plays out between 1733 when they started out as De Gekroonde Valk (which means crowned falcon and yes, it’s another animal), turned into Van Vollenhoven in 1791 and closed down in 1949 when Heineken bought the brewery and recipes. After Heineken stopped producing these beers in 2006 the foundation The Crowned Falcon picked up small scale production once more. And the rest is history…

So head on out to the east of town and order yourself an authentic 18th century extra stout or 21st century pale ale or anything in between. They serve food made with and matched to their own selection.

And as we say in Dutch: de kater komt later.

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