March 24, 2017
Brouwerij Kleiburg klooster Amsterdam Bijlmer

Monasteries are generally considered to have been suppliers of quality beers. Brewpub de Bekeerde Suster still draws on that tradition but otherwise the influence of spiritual centres on the beer world has strongly diminished. But the Kleiburg brewery adds new life to the age old history of monastery brewing.

Kleiburg started actually out as a ‘monastery’, be it in the form of what is nowadays more often called a spirtitual centre. But people jokingly asked the Christian founders of Kleiburg so often if their ‘monastery’ would include brewers that the idea started to take root.

Thomas Hermsen, one of Amsterdam’s most promising homebrewers, was contracted to develop the monastery beers. He created a number of remarkable beers, that often form a combination of at least two beer styles (think Porter Saison, Tripel IPA or Quadrupel Poorter). Whatever is in the mix, they all instantly taste like Kleiburg.

After a spell of contract brewing, Kleiburg now has its own brewpub in Amsterdams Bijlmer. You can sample their beers in a somewhat spiritual setting next to the giant Ikea outlet.

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