October 14, 2018
Foeders Belgian beer Amsterdam

You know the quality of Dutch beer has improved when a Belgian beer expert opens his own cafe in Amsterdam. Yuri Hegge tried to work under Dutch conditions in the Delirium cafe and Tap Zuid for a while but soon found his Belgian view on running a proper beer bar differed too much from that of his Amsterdam colleagues. Foeders is the result of his desire to do things his own way.

Truth be told: Foeders is different from most beer bars around Amsterdam. Yuri is an extremely welcoming host who is very serious about his beer yet displays not the slightest bit of arrogance. Unlike many of his beer minded fellow Belgians, he does not look down upon Dutch beer. He selects carefully and makes sure he knows the people at the breweries whose beers he serves. Those can be Dutch or Belgian, and most of his  33 draft beers are, or from further afield. But they are all brewed by expert brewers. Foeders has no place for homebrews manufactured in a contract brewery.

Whatever beer you pick, Yuri, always smartly dressed, will tell you all you want to know about it. But he might discuss music or football just as easily. Specialized as this place may be, the host endows it with a living room kind of vibe.

Not to be missed when looking for a great time and great beer, like the sour beer collection Yuri has stacked at Foeders, for example.

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