Featured brewery: Butcher’s Tears

October 29, 2016
Butcher's Tears brewpub Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a long tradition of immigrants infusing the local scene with exciting new stuff. The Scandinavian “pilgrims” of Butcher’s Tears are among the city’s most recent pioneering arrivals. After contract brewing for a while, they recently settled down on the outskirts of the lush Southern neighbourhoods. There is a marginal feel to the spot of their brewery and tasting room, located at the end of an unwelcoming, somewhat industrial alleyway. The whole affair breaths that sophisticated brand of counter-culture you associate with Berlin and New York crowds but is almost non-existent in Amsterdam. The arty approach isn’t limited to the interior. The crew behind Butcher’s Tears aims to create “a place where art, science and magic can work together upon the four elements to create the liquid in which joy and madness dwells”. Nonetheless, this isn’t all about experiment. In fact, tradition and experiment merge here like in none of Amsterdam’s other breweries. Or, as they state themselves: “We take a lot of inspiration from historical brewing documents and half-forgotten traditions but we also like to make way forward by forging together elements from different beer cultures as well as through pure experimentation”.

It’s an approach that pays off. Most of their beers have an outspoken yet surprisingly accessible taste. Their slightly bittery yet smooth Green Cap has the potential of a hit and hence retains its place on the menu which otherwise changes constantly. The exclusiveness of the limited editions they pour out, matches perfectly with the idiosyncratic style of the place. Style-wise every aspect of Butcher’s Tears – from its white, clinical tasting room to their eye-catching labels – is subjected to the highly original vision of art school graduate Felicia. Hanging out at Butcher’s Tears could, therefore, be described with the dubious phrase “conceptual experience”. Quality is, however, in the least compromised. Same holds for the prices. Unique Amsterdam asset.




Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 16:00 – 21:00

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