Featured beer cafe: De Biertuin

October 29, 2014
bier drinken in Amsterdam oost

De Biertuin is a super welcome addition to the East of Amsterdam. Nice and cosy, located right across from the Oosterpark and on a strip with a number of bars that each have their own quality. In the summer you can site outside, in the shade, similar to a German Biergarten. Whatever you do, you must order the Biertuin’s grilled chicken before you die. For some reason Amsterdam always tends to behave in strange trends. One or two restaurants started offering this as their main feat and suddenly rotisserie restaurants are popping up all over town as if poultry is the only two dishes a Dutch person can actually survive on.

However, De Biertuin does offer the most tender, wonderfully seasoned chicken you could possibly taste. They serve it with applesauce and excellent fries with peel.

Ah yes, the beers: they have a nice selection of beers from Brouwerij ‘t IJ (which is only 5 minutes further down the road, so only orders these after 20 o clock when the brewery actually shuts down).  If you feel like talking dirty, order the Doggie Style or the Raging Bitch (both IPA).

Did we already mention that you need to try the chicken? Just go already.

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