Bier drinken in de Pijp

Brouwerij Troost started on the Cornelis Troostplein in De Pijp (the pipe). It’s the sister bar of Café Kostverloren in Amsterdam West and is decorated in the same fashion. Nowadays Troost has two extra brewpubs. One on the industrial Westergasterrein and the other in the east of town at the edge of shopping centre Oostpoort. All three roughly follow the same formula and styling though the one in the east supports your local alcoholic by opening as early as 11 o’clock

The original brewery is located in an old convent. Being one of the newer breweries the interior design is light and minimalistic, though slightly reminiscent of school lunchrooms or company canteens. While they define their beers as uncomplicated, not too strong and appealing to everyone they still have a distinct flavour.

The brewery tanks are located at the left side of the brewery and are separated by a large glass pane. The pipelines travel straight from the tanks to the smaller tanks above the bar.

They serve three regular beers: a Weizen, a Blond beer and a I.P.A. We would especially like to recommend the Weizen, a refreshing but very tasteful beer with floral elements and citrus. Their beers have a bit less alcohol than most special beers so you can still walk out without assistance when the last round has been called.

Recently they’ve added a Saison and they are currently developing 3 more beers at including a Rauchbeer, typical for the German state Beieren which will hopefully be available by the end of this year.

Troost is also a restaurant with roughly the same type of food as at Café Kostverloren. They serve comfort food like 5 different burgers and fries (vegetarian option included) but also have a few classics on the menu that are typical for Dutch eetcafés. For example chicken skewers with peanut sauce and a rib eye steak. If you’re not that hungry order one of their German Flammkuchen (very thin pizza’s with light toppings. If you’re only there to drink beers, they have a wide collection of snacks that vary from Spanish cuisine to the typical Dutch bitterballen (fried breadcrumb balls filled with ragout). Everything is very decently priced, ranging from €1,50 (a bowl of peanuts) to €17 for a full meal.

If you want to have a party or are going out with a big group of friends you can reserve your own muurtap. They require a minimum buy out of 10 liters and they offer two of their beers on draught. Excellent if you feel like working on your talents as a bartender or don’t feel like waiting to order.

Brouwerij Troost regularly hosts special activities like the Oktoberfest (inspired on the German festivities in Bavaria) where you receive your own PUL and get to join a long table and enjoy several types of German cuisine.


Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 16:00 – 01:00; Friday 16:00 – 03:00; Saturday 14:00 – 03:00; Sunday: 14:00 – 01:00. (Troost east: 11:00 – 01:00/03:00)

The kitchen is opened until 22:30.