De Zotte

bier drinken in hartje amsterdam

During a night on the town you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of one of Amsterdam’s busiest square: Leidseplein. If you’re not tripping over a long line of hipsters camped out in front of the Apple store for one of the latest gadgets, you ‘re probably getting a free high from the weed vapors  drifting out of Coffeeshop the Bulldog or hustled into one of the bar clubs with a promise of free shooters that never match up to your expectations.

So leave.

Just around the corner, in a tiny street that you won’t find without looking on a map, you’ll find a cardboard cut out of a monk. And this is where you enter the Zotte.

This Belgian beer bar has been around for ages and is a classic among locals. They serve more then 100 Belgian beers and recently opened a second bar called Tripel just a few blocks down the road. They have several beers on tap, but they also have an elaborate collection of matching glasses for each beer. For example, order a Pauwel Kwak, this is served in a ‘koetsiersglas’ (coachman’s glass). These glasses were designed especially to hang from a wooden holder so the beer wouldn’t spill while driving the coach.

They also serve good food. Come early or reserve a table, because the place fills up quickly.