Tripel and Zotte are two of the best known Belgian beer bars in Amsterdam

If you had visited Amsterdam before 2013 and were looking for one of the more alternative spots to spend a night drinking and dancing to the tunes of Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails you would have ended up in the Korsakoff. After 25 years they closed their doors. Luckily, two regular customers who opened the Zotte decided to buy the bar and turned it into Tripel. Continuing the concept of De Zotte they have more than 100 different types of Belgian beers. They also serve Belgian food, like a tasty beer-stew or a tender steak and on Tuesdays you can have two meals for the price of one a la carte.  There’s a few differences between De Zotte and Tripel that make this bar a very welcome addition to the area. First of all, Tripel has a lot more space, offering them the possibility to show football matches (no, it’s not a sportsbar) but more importantly host a band or DJ once in a while. Their Facebook page isn’t always very up to date, so you’ll have to hear it through the grapevine or have a chat with the staff.  The music played in this bar is still a mix of alternative, industrial, garage and punk rock, paying decent homage to the previous venue.

As mentioned before, there’s more then a hundred beers to choose from, but if you´re allergic to gluten there is an excellent gluten free beer of Leireken also worth a taste without following this strict diet.

Tripel is open until 3 am every day of the week.

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