Bar Brouw

Bar Brouw is located on a corner of the Ten Kate Markt in the west of Amsterdam. After shopping for some cheese or fresh fish, or perhaps a new lock for your bicycle, this incredibly cosy bar is the ideal spot to meet up with friends for lunch or dinner. If you’re by yourself, take a windowseat and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market. Among others they have a wide range of American beers that are not commonly available in Amsterdam. Order a Anchor beer from San Francisco, a Flying Dog from Maryland or a classic Brooklyn Lager or choose one of the other 50 beers on their menu.  If you don’t know which one to choose, just pick one with the artsy label that appeals the most, the bartender will fill you in on the rest. Another perk is the food. Their tagline is ‘craft beer and smoked meat’ so if you are craving a good brisket, Angus burger, ribs or pork belly, this is the spot to have it! If you’re a vegetarian be sure to be a raving healthfreak because your only option at the moment is a quinoa  salad and two sides of potato and tomato salad.

No time to sit and enjoy your food? Bar Brouw offers take away as well.

Good news for the eastbound crew. They have just opened a new branch right around the corner of Oosterpark.